The purpose from a horse tail bag is to protect the tail from breaking, picking up dirt and getting caught in the tree needles. Many of us deal with mesquite trees in the horse pasture combined with 2" needles, easy for the tail hair to catch a needle and damage the tail hair.

The tail bags are a terrific solution, however, when the tail bag is from a simple fabric type of material to won't last long, or it is ripped up.

The Sassari Long Lasting Tail Bags are made from a NON-rip material, ideal for any environment, tree needles or no tree needles, you will love this tail bag. The material is a vinyl coated mesh, breathable, lightweight, flexible, weather resistant, abrasion resistant, tear resistant, and marvelous colors to choose from.

We offer 3 different length sizes. You as the horse owner attach the Sassari tail bag 2" below the tail bone.

6 reasons why you should choose the Sassari Long Lasting Tail Bags.

* Two lengths to choose from!
* Different colors to choose from!

* Self-tie closure, you decide the strength of the knot!

* The material is slick and 100% guaranteed does NOT stick to anything!

* Closed at the bottom!


testimonial tail bag.JPG

All Colors Length 29" Wide 5"... Length 25"

Wide 5"... Length 20" Wide 5"