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We have a Solution for not being visible! 

Sassari Collar- Horse Visibility 24/7  

is designed for all types of horses from mini donkeys up to draft horses.Available in 10+ colors, adjustable, and made to your preferred size, gold or silver reflective tape. The hook/loop (Velcro TM) closure makes it very safe to wear and will release instantly for safety reasons.

sassari horse section1 img.png

* Rot & Tear Resistant!

* Heat Sealable!

* Breathable!

* Lightweight!

* High Tensile Strength!

* UV & Mildew Resistant!

* Weather Resistant!

* Abrasion Resistant!

distributors  welcome!

Distributing already to many countries, we are searching for new distributors. Are you interested? Are you experienced in distributing horse and canine-related products? Willing to build a long-term business relationship? If yes then we look forward to hearing from you!

Our Products

At My Horse Specialty, we offer a wide and versatile range of equine and canine-related products to choose from. Right from Sassari leggings online, Sassari hock protection, Sassari tail bags online to dog leggings online, dog leg protections, horsetail socks online - here you will find anything and everything. Check out our products below.

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