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Please be aware that the horse hock, a term for the tarsus, an anatomic region of the horse's hind limb. ... A horse's hock is the evolutionary equivalent to the human ankle, is one of the most problematical parts of the horse body to cover as there is nothing to hold on to.

It's your job, as the horse owner, to take your time and find the correct tightness of the elastic loop and still enjoyable for your equine friend. HockSmiles has proven to perform excellent combined with tremendous results! No matter if we talk about a mini donkey or an 18H horse, it does the job!
How can you be ahead of the hock sore....

Hock sores are small scuffs or open sores that horses get on their hocks halfway down their back legs. They can appear to only be hair worn off or are actual, open or scabbed over sores.
The moment you encounter something like this, is the moment you take care of it, instead of ignoring! The HockSmiles have proven to work, a budget friendly price tag, always sold as a pair.


Please watch our demo video, as this might answer many questions!

P.S. Hook/Loop stands for "velcro" the hook is the scratchy part, the loop is the soft plushy part.

Questions? We love questions, please contact us at..keepyouroptionsopenfor@gmail.com 

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Being ahead of the issue is the image of a savvy horse owner!
"HockSmile" is the answer, simply wrap around and attach the ELASTIC loop tight to the hook.

* 100% Guaranteed!
* 100% Stay on!
* 100% Super strong!
* 100% It Works!
* Soft and very thick long-lasting lining!
* Fit every horse and donkey/mule!

Tested for a full year on three different horses!
The set of "HockSmile" includes 2 extra elastic loop straps. one for each hind leg.

HOW TO MEASURE: Please see the image on how to measure, follow the red line.

PLEASE NOTE..BETTER A LITTLE BIT TOO SMALL, THAN TOO BIG. An opening in the front is NO problem as it is about the hocks and NOT the front!!


Where are the 2 extra loops (Velcro) straps for including the HockSmiles?

When needed to replace the ones on the HockSmile.

Why such a steep angle?

To provide the hocks with enough space to cure when damaged, versus, scraping against the fabric!

It doesn't look professionally made, why is that?

Professionally made is not always an answer to a great and functional product plus the price would be a whole lot higher and sure not budget-friendly!

Can I order custom made?


Can I mix the colors on the HockSmile?


When I'm not happy with the item can I return it for a refund?

Yes, you can. Within 10 days after USPS receiving date.

Why do I need to attach it snug & tied?

It’s like your Jeans, you put on, forget to close the zipper, buttons etcetera, your jeans are sagging down. The same for the HockSmiles when attached snug & tied they won’t sag down!

Do the HockSmile last forever?

No, nothing lasts forever, it all depends on the horse and the environment he/she is living in.

How to clean the HockSmile when dirty?

Hose off the first dirt, after that you can wash them in the laundry machine.

Can I leave the HockSmile on 24/7?

Sure you can, do we advise, NO, why should you? Not one item should be left on the horse 24/7 unless we are talking about fly leggings, who are loose around the skin, instead, provide the skin & coat with the natural freedom from breeching and fresh air going through.

What is the material from the HockSmiles?

Canvas and/or PVC coated woven yarn, an open mesh.

How to attach the HockSmiles?

Follow the simple steps, see the video.