Taking care of the essential needs for your equine friend does NOT need to cost a boat load of money!

The Sassari 24/7 FetPas Security are a one-size-fits-all horses, from mini donkey up to draft horse.

The Sassari 24/7 FetPas Security are safe to wear 24/7 out in the field or in the stable, they are comfortable for the horse to wear.

Why should you choose Sassari 24/7 FetPas Security? 


* Non neoprene material!
* Easy to clean!
* Laundry friendly and/or hose them clean with the garden hose!
* Available in many colors!
* Industrial hook/loop (Velcro TM) closure!
* Cover fetlock and pastern with one item!
* Budget friendly priced!
* 100% Guaranteed!
* Sold in pairs!
* Made in Arizona USA!


Because of the proven material, the economical shape of the item, no sweat is guaranteed!

Over-reach can have a negative impact on the pastern. Don't let that happen!

Sassari 24/7 FetPas Security covers an area that regular boots don't cover when needed.

The Sassari 24/7 FetPas Security provides additional security for a sensitive area of the lower horse leg!

Sassari 24/7 FetPas Security, Fetlock Protection, Pastern Protection

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