Being ahead of the issue is the image of a savvy horse owner!
"HockSmile" is the answer, simply wrap around and attach the ELASTIC loop tight to the hook.

* NO refunds/returns on the HockSmiles, a 1 x exchange is allowed!
* 100% Guaranteed!
* 100% Stay on!
* 100% Super strong!
* 100% It Works!
* Soft and very thick long-lasting lining!
* Fit every horse and donkey/mule!

Tested for a full year on three different horses!
The set of "HockSmile" includes 2 extra elastic loop straps. one for each hind leg.

HOW TO MEASURE: Please see the image on how to measure, follow the red line.

PLEASE NOTE..BETTER A LITTLE BIT TOO SMALL, THAN TOO BIG. An opening in the front is NO problem as it is about the hocks and NOT the front!!

Hock Sore, Bed Sore Protection, Horse Hock Sore, SASSARI HOCKSMILE "Golden Glow"

  • 3–5 business days

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