MAKE YOUR DOG VISIBLE at all time with the SASSARI Dog Leggings available for the front legs.
Your canine friend makes a statement with those fluorescent stripe leggings, available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
Set x 2
Individual sold

Feature points:

* 90% UV ray protection!
* Laundry machine friendly!
* Outstanding ventilation!
* NO sweat ever created!
* Nothing sticks to it, NO unwanted debris and similar type!
* Vertical hook/loop (Velcro) closure!
* Security strap at the bottom and the top!
* Taped of with a soft binder on the edges!
* Excellent option for preventing licking the front legs!

* Small
Tall 6"
Front leg wide5"

* Medium
Tall 8"
Front leg wide 8#

* Large
Tall 10"
Front leg wide 10"

* X Large
Tall 12"
Front leg wide 12"


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