Economically shaped, long tear.
The Sassari Fur-Lined Brushing Boots provide excellent ventilation because of the open, durable, strong mesh provided!

Top quality cushion and fully protection for the cannon bone areas!

Excellent for daily use and/or training!
A proven history with an 18H Warmblood daily training.
Between the open mesh and the Faux Furr Sherpa lining, is a buffer over the entire brushing boot from 1/4" durable foam; latex-free with phthalate-free inks.
This material provides outstanding protection and is super strong!

* Reversible closure provided!
* Very easy to clean!
* Laundry Friendly!
* Breathable!
* Won't rip and tear!
* Does not discolor!
* Easy on and off!

***Industrial very strong hook/loop (Velcro) for an absolutely 100% safe closure, NO need for a second strap!

Yes, we do custom made!

You MUST measure the circumference of the cannon bone for the correct sizing!
Sizing as follow:
Small: 6 - 7 inches Pony and similar size
Medium: 7 - 9 inches Small horses
Large: 9 - 10 inches Full size
X Large: 10 - 11 inches Extra Full

1 Strap Brushing Boots/ Brushing Boots Horse/ Brushing Open Mesh Boots/ Brushing

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