Why you ought to get leggings for your horse

You got to agree that your horse stomping the feet all day because of flies can be quite annoying and disturbing at the same time. This can lead to damaged hooves and joints most especially during summer when the ground is dried. This pesky problem can be curbed by use of horse leggings. The following are some of the amazing benefits of using these leggings.

Flies protection

These leggings for the horse are made of a breathable plastic mesh that do not allow biting flies to penetrate through to the horse’s legs. They are also made in a design that do not allow laying of botfly eggs. This reduces stress for your horse hence no fatigue, tendon inflammation and cracked hooves from stomping.

Chemical free

These leggings are the best alternative for a chemical free method of flies’ protection from your horse. You just have to put them on your horse before the flies start drawing blood from the legs. This is because after the blood is drawn, it becomes as an attraction spot for the rest of the flies.

Reduces the risk of spreading diseases

Flies draw blood from one animal to another, they can also draw from human beings. These fly bites can transmit diseases from infected animals to non-infected ones. Both biting and not biting flies are responsible for spreading Pigeon Fever, Equine Infectious Anemia and also pray a role in summer sores. These diseases can inhibit the growth of your horses or even cause death. Horse leggings works the best in inhibiting these flies and giving ultimate protection to your horse.

Decreases healing time for wounds

The material for these leggings are breathable and mesh like hence allowing air to circulate through the leg. This creates comfort in case the horse has a wound. Horse owners would be worried of these leggings worsening the situation, on the contrary they fasten the healing process because they also prevent bacterial infection on the wound.

Ease of use

Leggings for horses are made in such a way that they are easy to put on and off. They also have fastening means like the Velcro which ensures wear ability as well as durability. Sewn in stays on these leggings eliminates sagging.

With these leggings, you definitely have to say goodbye to your horse stomping. Dogs in leggings is also a method to consider to protect the paws of your pups.

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