Why NO Sweat for Sassari Leggings

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Sassari canvas fly leggings are a huge success for only one reason, we have the perfect fit!

Tons of brand names are on the market, everybody is spying everybody, and everybody is copying everybody. We are inclined, we don't do!

We have our own identity, our own view!

Furthermore, we are susceptible to suggestions from our Customers, as we respect all of them a lot!

Together we make a strong impression!

We get many questions from our Customers why the Sassari leggings canvas does not create sweat!

Only one answer is the correct answer.

Sassari leggings are all tapered leggings with a difference of about 2" at the top wider than the bottom. With that said, NO sweat gets the chance to develop, as there is plenty of ventilation needed to prevent sweat.

No matter in which part of the country you are located.

All summer fly leggings who are tight or as a tube around the lower horse legs are an enemy for the horse legs, as there is NO ventilation, instead it is an invitation for sweating lower horse legs!

Sweat creates bacteria, bacteria creates insects, and many unwanted issues NOBODY is waiting for!

Sassari leggings have the perfect fit. Sassari leggings are custom-made if needed, for NO additional charge.

We guarantee for 100% our entire collection at no questions asked.

When you purchase 3 sets or more, we provide you with a 15% discount on top of our low and budget friendly pricing, on top of our always FREE SHIPPING!

Sassari leggings are the best for your equine friends!

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