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Why a Flexible Rubber Stay

Also called Gum Rubber. This level of elasticity makes natural gum rubber ideal for wiper blades, machine skirting, and even drum practice pads, among many other applications like horse fly leggings, to prevent them from sagging down.

The flexible rubber is the most preferred item to use for horse fly legging items used for our equine friends to protect their legs from biting insects, besides keeping the flies from their legs. Due to its unique strength and flexibility, it is highly safe for any living object.

If an unexpected thing can happen, you as the horse owner can have peace of mind knowing that your equine friend can bend it when needed, instead of taking the risk of having a solid plastic stay inserted in the horse fly leggings that possibly can create an issue with undesirable results.

This flexible rubber is often the “preferred choice for industrial use that require a flexible elastomer. The latex tree produces this rubber strip/piping material by cutting little incisions in the trunk of the Hevea Brazilians tree, also known as the "rubber tree". The material drippers out into a container placed under the incisions, The process goes from there.

The Sassari Fly Leggings, MHS & More LLC, believe safety is # 1 above anything else! Yes, sometimes the horse is not used to wearing leggings, rips them off and bends the flexible rubber stay. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!

We provide you with a peace of mind!

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