What Are The 7 Main Benefits Of Horse Leggings

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Let's first straighten out the difference between horse leggings and horse boots. Horse boots are supporting the legs and ligaments because of the structure and way they are made. Horse leggings protect the lower legs from biting insects, unwanted debris that might irritate the skin, and protect wounds created by previously mentioned insects and/or debris.

Horse boots are mostly several layers of material together, while horse leggings are just 1 layer of open mesh material, loose and comfortable around the legs providing plenty of ventilation. Horse boots are not advisable to wear 24/7/365, no ventilation is provided!

Horse leggings are perfect to be worn for 24/7/365 if needed without any problems, excellent ventilation, the material is strong enough to protect the fetlock from getting ripped up because of the scraping front legs by going up and down, so-called: fetlock protection

Here are the 7 main benefits of horse leggings:

1. Open mesh material!

2. Excellent ventilation, no fungus, and/or similar skin problems can occur, because of the ventilation!

3. 80% UV ray protection!

4. 90% UV ray protection!

5. Safe to wear 24/7/365!

6. Excellent fetlock protection, no upside-down bell boot needed!

7. Outstanding for trail rides, no unwanted debris sticks to the legging!

Any question you might have we are very happy to answer, we love questions!

Enjoy your trail ride!

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