What are Hock Protectors for Horses and their Purposes?

A horse hock is the lowest part of the horse's hind limb that is prone to rubbing off and getting sores from mostly poor bedding. The hock is often compared to the ankle in human beings. When you think about it that way, you realize that it is a hard place to cover, especially in animals that are constantly on the move like horses. Therefore, when you find perfect-fitting hock protectors for horses, you have reduced the hock sore problem immensely.

Hock Protectors Uses

  • Protect the Horse from Hock Sores

The main purpose of hock protection is to keep the hock safe from sores that result from consistent rubbing on the wall or poor bedding. If your horses have the Sassari hock protection from MHS & MORE LLC, chances of getting hock sores are slim to none because the hock is not exposed. Even if the horse rubs the hock on the wall for long, the thick lining on the hock protection ensures the hock remains untouched.

  • Speed up the Healing Process of Hock Sores

If you did not know about the Sassari hock protection, your horse probably has hock sores already. The good thing about these hock shields is that they can be used even when the horse has sores. All you need to do is wrap up the sore with a bandage first and then cover that with hock protection. The hock protection will prevent further damage and keep the wound clean to avoid infections while healing.

  • Offer Comfort to the Horse.

In cases where the horse has poor bedding, hock protection offers the comfort the horse needs to lay down and not get sores from it. Also, Sassari hock protection will have a very soft part on the inside of the hock shield. That part rubs directly against the horse’s hock, offering that soothing and soft feeling to the horse whenever it lies on hard surfaces.


MHS & MORE LLC is a company that takes care of your dogs, horses, and even cats. If you have already purchased the Sassari hock protection for your dogs and horses, try the cat hammock withstand.

The best thing about these products is that they are high quality and come with instructions on how to use them. For the hock protection, they go a little further and demonstrate how to measure the hock of your horse to ensure you get the right fit. Get one today and keep your horse safe from sores and lameness.

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