What a horse trainer does not tell you!

Updated: Nov 14

Have you ever wondered what the magic trick might well be to create that stunning round forward horse?

Horse trainers are here to make money on you, so the longer they keep you, the better it is, the more money they make on you! Yes, it is unfair, but business is business. I love to share with you the magic trick I got whispered in my ears from a European top trainer.

Be with me…..

* Mount in the saddle

* Before you sit down, stand in the stirrups and twist your upper legs inward!

* By doing so, you automatically bring your lower legs to the correct position creating a perfect vertical alignment!

* Now the sitting trot comes out of the inner upper thigh, smoother, in harmony with your horse!

* Your inside leg is always close to the horse’s rib case, pushing the horse around the inside leg to the outside rein!* Here is the perfect picture, round, off your inside leg, forward!

Happy Training Session!


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