Ways Of Keeping Your Horse Away From Insects

Although we won't be able to completely remove insects, we can restrict our management methods to reduce our interactions with them. A pitchfork and some elbow grease are required for the first phase, which isn't glamorous. Because insects are attracted to dung, keep stalls and small turnouts as clean as possible. This will assist to keep insects from congregating in certain regions.

There are a lot of disadvantages that comes when horses come in contact with insects especially flies. Using our fly leg wraps for horses has been by far the best remedy. But you will be surprised to hear that you can also maintain and control them by doing simple things such as just keeping your horses stable clean. You should be ready to do whatever it takes and protect your horse against them. In this post, we will share various precautions one can take.

1. Dung Control

Keeping dung out of pastures is an effective approach to keep external and internal parasites at bay. If total removal of manure isn't possible, breaking up clumps of dung and exposing them to sunshine and other environmental conditions can help to eliminate parasites. You can also use our horse tail bag to protect your horse from catching unwanted debris and dirt. By doing that, you will be one step towards eliminating flies.

2. Clean Water

A clean water source is essential for your horse for a variety of reasons, one of which being pest management. Adding a few goldfish to your bigger water troughs is one way to ensure a clean water supply. Along with eliminating a little quantity of any algae that may have accumulated, the fish will also destroy a large number of mosquito larvae, preventing your mosquito population from growing.

3. Fly Repellants

Fly repellents for your animals may be beneficial. Apply fly spray to your horse's skin and coat before saddling up to ride or show. Because your horse won't be troubled by flying insects, you'll have a lot more enjoyable ride. For a guaranteed protection over vulnerable parts such as legs consider getting our fly leg wraps for horses. Sizes are available from mini donkey all the way up to an 18/19 H horse.

If you display your horses during the summer, you must take special precautions to preserve the parts where their hair has been cropped short, such as their ears. When the hair on the inner ear is gone, it provides excellent bug protection, thus a repellent ointment should be administered.

We hope you're now able to keep flies and other insects under control with the above guide. You will not only be reducing flies with our fly leg wraps for horses, but you will also be protecting your horse away from unpleasant detritus, mud, and needles.

We also offer reflective equine collar for your horse. When riding at night, you won't have to be concerned about your safety. In general, we offer some fantastic goods that will enhance your time with your horse. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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