Tips on How to Choose the Right Leg Protection for your Equine

We all enjoy a great horse show and often call them the great legged especially when they win. However, regardless of a horse's talent, without proper leg protection, the chances of those legs remaining perfect throughout years of training and showing are minimal.

The distal limbs of the equines are delicate structures comprised of bones, ligaments, and skin. The area is not covered by thick muscles and that’s why you need to get the right leg protection, for example, equine leg bands from My Horse Specialty Store to protect the underlying structures from injury.

So, how can one choose the right leg protection that will serve and fit their equine perfectly?

The Right Fit

The leg protection of any equine must fit properly for it to serve its purpose. If the wraps or boots are too tight they will cause pain and if they are too loose then they might slip and cause rubs or even trip your equine. For those who prefer to mold the boots specifically for the animal, then they must take the right measurements to make the right fit. If not, they will cause more problems than they will prevent.

The Material

From cotton and polo wraps to leather skid boots, there are lots of options when it comes to picking the right material for your equine leg’s protection. The most important thing is to ensure that the protective material isn’t extremely hard. The material should be right to absorb the shock and prevent external injuries. In addition, whichever materials you choose ensure that it is easily washable to keep them free from debris and dirt that can cause abrasion on their legs.


Find a boot or wrap that does what you need it to do. The primary purpose of leg protection is to cushion the equine’s lower leg or hoof from impact. Start by considering the surface underfoot and the pace of your equine. If you’re constantly riding on deep surfaces, your equine tendons and ligaments are at more risk of injury therefore you need strong leg protection. For those riding on polo fields then a polo bandage might be the best option for your equine.


Whether you are looking for a reflective equine collar, skid boots, or horse hock protection, My Horse Specialty has got you covered! Here, we bring you a wide range of equine and canine-related products that will give your friend the comfort they need!

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