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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Horse Hock Protector Shop!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Many horses suffer from severe and painful sores on their fetlocks and hocks. The problem is that even if the sores are healed, the new tissue can reopen at any time as the sore is still fragile. And this is where hock protectors come into play to prevent further injury and to protect the area when healing.

But, buying a hock protector from a horse hock shop is not as easy as you think. Since the marketplaces are flooded with scammers and low-quality products, you should carefully select a shop. So, this blog post will walk you through some considerations to keep in mind before choosing a hock protector shop. Read on to learn more!

Keep in Mind These Things While Selecting a Horse Hock Protector Shop

1. Check Their Reputation

If you purchase a high-quality hock protector, it can be safe to use 24/7 and even in the pasture.

There are many hocks protector shops available on the market that claim themselves to be reliable companies. But determining who sells safe and high-quality products is not that easy. So how do you identify which shop is trustworthy? First, look for a shop you recognize. Always consider the company’s reputation before spending your hard-earned money.

2. Don’t Trust Everything You Read

Another crucial consideration you need to make is to avoid buying a hock protector that has unrealistic claims. Stay away from the shop using words like “prevent” or “cure.”

Testimonials aren’t a bad thing. But, if a horse hock shop only provides testimonials and does not have any scientific data to prove its claims, it means they do not produce quality protectors. A quality hock protector not only heals your horse’s hock wounds but allows their new skin to grow durable or thicken.

3. Do your Research

You don’t want to buy a hock protector just because a company claims they provide the best product. Pay close attention to the label and understand whether your equine friend can benefit from that hock protector. Also, do not forget to ask the company if they offer custom-made products without any extra rate. And this is because many horses have different hock sizes, so custom-made protectors would be the best to protect skin from re-injury.

Wrapping Up!

Following the above-discussed considerations will help you choose the best horse hock shop that sells quality hock protectors. And using a quality product can even fix difficult-to-heal sores. For more info, stay in touch!

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