The World's Most Astonishing Dog Leggings

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The company, MHS & More 30+ years in business, has introduced the most innovative dog leggings for the ultimate attractive price tag! Dog leggings should be a daily routine for you as the dog owner to dress your dog as it is not exactly a dog fashion!

The set of 4 or individual dog leggings comes straight from the factory, no middle man in between, yes, we are sure willing to adjust the size on your request at no additional charge,

located in Arizona United States.

We offer the opportunity to provide the dog with the maximum comfort and leg protection, 80% UV ray protection, many whopping stunning colors, outstanding for all dogs around, effortless on and off, excellent ventilation, guaranteed no sagging. The material provide a high tensile strength, tear resistant, flexible, and laundry- machine friendly, industrial hook/loop closure. We provide you with a medium, large size legging, X large will be available soon.

The front leggings provide a security strap at the bottom and the top!

The hind leggings provide a bottom security strap combined with the hock angle which avoids any tension when bending the hind legs. No matter the hind or the front leggings they are nicely cut, tapered with the maximum comfort provided!

No straps around the dog body to hold the leggings! Let's have a deeper look at the purpose of dog leggings and why we believe every dog might benefit from this simple but irresistible piece of dog legging manufactured by MHS & More LLC.

Dog leg anatomy is complex, especially dog angles, which are found on the hind legs. Dog angles, also named the hocks, are often in risk with getting damaged by going up or down being outside on a ground rough nature cover, like fine gravel and similar type. When, a dog has a very delicate skin, the risk is 99% bigger, it might get hurt instantly, thinking about the Courageous, Dignified, Calm Irish Wolfhound

We as dog owners have the responsibility to help mother nature a little by offering our canine friends with some protection. The dog's hock is actually the heel bone in humans. Itchy dog skin is a common issue in any kind of dog breed, Dermatitis.

Red, itchy bumps and inflamed skin at the site of contact with a chemical, detergent, paint or other irritant.

Very important to provide the skin with protection combined a lot of ventilation together with an 80% UV ray safeguard.

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