Take Care of Your Horse Hocks with High-end Equine Accessories!

Like human beings, horses also need the TLC they deserve. If you have decided to pet horses, keeping everything perfect for them is your duty. Many studies show that hocks issues are the most common health complication. Their high speed, way of running, and postures often put more than enough pressure on their hocks, causing several complications.

You can better care for their hocks and overall body with proper equine supplies. In this case, you may contact us at our trusted equine hock store because we are a leading supplier of custom horse products. This blog has everything necessary regarding horse hocks to make you more efficient and knowledgeable.

What is Horse Hock?

It is a joining part located immediately above the fetlock joint on the hind legs. The horse hock is one of the hardest-working leg joints. The grouping of bone, cartilage, and ligaments creates your horse's wide range of motion with its hind legs. Like human ankles, these are significant for causing movement and bearing weight.

Sizes and Angles of Hocks

The conformation of a horse and hock angles are correlated. Their well-being depends on each other because both are essential for a horse. Stack over the lower fetlock when viewing it from the side is the ideal angle of a horse hock.

Horses with angled-out hocks behind the fetlock often face lameness and hind limb issues. You may visit our Facebook page for more details because we keep uploading the latest news here!

Common Hock Issues

The most common hock-related issues that a horse experiences are:

  • Thoroughpin

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Sore Hocks

Leaving them untreated is never a professional equestrian-like behavior. You need to take care of them as much as possible and take medical solutions if the condition is severe. However, you can prevent this problem using our top-notch horse hock protectors that can give their hocks sturdy support, minimizing the risks!

How to Take Care of Them?

The best way to keep your horse healthy and sound is to contact a reputable equine hock shop offering an extensive range of necessary custom products that will fit any horse. We ensure our products meet your expectations and satisfy your pets with 100% comfort.

Final Words!

Hopefully, this blog has guided you to know how a reliable equine hock store will help you rear up your horses safely and accurately. Visit our Pinterest page to browse more available products.

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