Sassari Fly Leggings are Made in the USA, We Scored a Point in the Industries for........

Updated: May 15, 2021

Why are Sassari fly leggings manufactured in the USA and not in foreign countries?

Many answers will fit this question, but one of the main reasons we believe we can support our own country!

* A much better quality control!

* Flexible to provide the customer with a custom fit!

* Faster delivery!

* No language barrier!

* Better inventory control!

* Never an over stock in a certain color!

* Lower inventory, less money stuck on the self!

We guarantee our leggings for 100%!

Wait a second, where do you find your vinyl coated open mesh material?

* What we said, The Sassari Fly leggings are made in the USA!

* The vinyl coated open mesh material is manufactured in the USA!

* The 100% flexible rubber stay, we insert from top to bottom, is manufactured in the USA!

* We provide group discount!

* We have donated this summer season for approximately $8000. to donkey and mini donkey rescue places!

* Sassari leggings are roomy for your equine friend/s with the perfect fit needed!

* MHS & More LLC Sassari fly leggings has scored a point in the industries for quality, color variety, and top class Customer service!

Our collection is manufactured in Saint David Arizona USA!

Questions? Please contact us at

Mini Donkey 10"--- XX Small 11"---X Small 12"---Small 13"--- Medium 14"--- Large15"---

X Large 16"--- XX Large 17"---XXX Large 18"---any size on request.

We appreciate your business very much, and remember, we love questions and like to hear from you!

Happy summer to all of you!

MHS & More LLC, Corporate

PO Box 297

St. David AZ. 85630

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