Horses and donkeys' hocks are always on the ground, and only until a protective barrier is placed between the ground and the skin can the healing process begin. This is where the best hock protection for donkeys and custom hock guards for horses on sale come in.

Hock guards aids in the treatment of hock injuries in horses and donkeys. A hock guard can help whether the injury occurred in the pasture, during a fall, or in the trailer.

Legs are among a horse's or donkey's most vulnerable bodily parts, which is reasonable given how much horses love to run, leap, and roll about on the ground, while donkeys carry heavy loads. As a horse or donkey owner, you want to ensure that your horse or donkey remains healthy and strong so that they may enjoy free movement in the pasture.

Custom hock guards for horses on sale and the best hock protection for donkeys are available to treat horse's and donkey's hock injuries or protect hocks from injuries and sores. Horses and donkeys with arthritic or capped hocks benefit greatly from hock guards.

Unfortunately, a sore hock or a hock injury occurs more frequently than we would want. When a horse or donkey injures its hocks, the damage might get worse over time as the horse or donkey walks around and, of course, when they lie down. Repeatedly laying down irritates the region and slows recovery. Some sores will become larger or deeper as a result of this.

No matter how your horse or donkey moves, an excellent hock guard protection will stay in place. The guards would not be impacted or moved off the hocks even if they roll on the ground. If your horse or donkey enjoys rolling in the sand or dirt, you may use duct tape on the pad's exterior to support the hock protection. When compared to using duct tape or gauze directly on your horse's or donkey's legs, a hock guard protector is undeniably the best option.

A protective hock guard comes in handy when you are trailering your horse or donkey. This activity can rub or knock their hocks. In this situation, the hock guards, which are shaped to fit the horse's or donkey's hock comfortably, allow ample movement freedom.

Because of their dynamic nature and complex angles, treating an injury to your horse's or donkey's hocks can be challenging. Thanks to various new designs and materials, treating horses and donkeys' hock injuries has never been easier.

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