Product Reviews and Buy to Return can be the Wrong Focus and the Death of an Item!

Product reviews are like going to the sand desert and walking bare feet, not realizing that the deadly snakes are barely covered, ready to attack!

Product reviews have become popular nowadays; everything, including a vitamin, gets reviewed.

Reviewing an item makes it almost impossible unless we have a group of equal-minded persons together.

They are using the product in the same way for the same amount of time, with the same type of animal, human being and environment. Still, we are empty-handed, as every person reacts differently. Every animal responds differently to a product or item. Nobody is the same!

Many online stores influence the rating to make it good looking. Let's be honest here;

Are we able to please the entire world? The answer is "NO"!

You enter an online store with 100 % positive ratings, WOOOOWWWWW; that must be a magic item, no matter what it is. Are you sure? Do you think this is the honest way to judge an item? The answer is "NO' it is not!

What works for one person might not work for another, but that does not mean the item is wrong!

Nobody can talk for another person; we all have our own identity, feelings, and mindset, and we are as we are!

We might toss the indoctrination and learn how to evaluate an item ourselves. As we choose to purchase that item, we must accept the consequence. Whether it works for the buyer or doesn't work, it is your responsibility, nobody else!

Do your due diligence, investigate, and remember, "Knowledge is power" and "Power is strength!"

When purchasing an item, start at the elementary school and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the item big enough to cover the damaged object?

2. Can it be used 24/7?

3. Is it easy to attach?

4. Is it easy to follow the instructions, or do I need to hire an attorney to translate the how-to directions because of the technical terms used?

5. Do I order the correct sizing?

6. Do I measure correctly?

7. Can I donate this item to a third party if it doesn't work for me?

8. Being a Canadian customer, did you know about their return policy?

9. Don't buy impulsively; order dog leggings. When you receive the item, walk over to your draft horse and conclude that the leggings are too small. Rate the item a 1 star because they didn't fit your draft horse.

DO YOU GET THE MESSAGE? We are glad you do!

It is your responsibility to protect yourself from pitfalls. Do not buy upon ideas; instead, focus on what makes the difference between an item that fails and an item that is successful for you, without miss-rating the item!

When you master the art of being in control without indoctrinating by third parties,

You start controlling your financial game.

If you master the simple elementary questions before purchasing an item, you master the ultimate way of living your life!

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