Product Review Sassari Fly Leggings

Negative aspect of the Sassari Fly Leggings.

* The hook / loop (Velcro) closure is of industrial quality, strong, with an excellent grip. Therefore, if the horse is not used to having something around its legs, it will tear the leggings up, be sure to get rid of it!

* As the material is resistant to the tear, the horse may bite it in two pieces!

* The Sassari fly legging settles down about 1", even thou a 100% flexible rubber stay is inserted from top to bottom!

* The Sassri Fly Legging is designed to be comfortable, so it is not tight around the lower legs!

* The Sassari Fly leggings are in most cases a one-season legging!

* Sassari Fly leggings are made of a woven yarn coated with PVC and has an open mesh!

* Sassari fly leggings are NOT made out of fabric!

* Sassari Fly leggings have NO seams or hems!

Positive points:

* Available in straight cut and tapered cut!

* Sizes ranged from Mini Donkey up to Draft Horses!

* Thirteen (13) colors to choose from!

* Laundry machine friendly!

* No seams and/or hems in the leggings!

* 80% UV ray protection and 90% heavy and lightweight available!

* 100% flexible rubber stay from top to bottom!

* Custom size available without extra charge!

* Compatible pricing compared to major brand names!

* Tear, rot, rip resistant!

* Soft binding edges!

* No hassle return policy!

* Discount provided for volume orders!

* Speedy delivery!

* 100% guaranteed no sagging (like a bag of potatoes) due to the 100% flexible rubber stay!

* 2 Color combinations!

* Industrial hook/loop (Velcro) closure for extra grip!

* Vertical closure from top to bottom, no openings in the closure which might create an entry for unwanted debris/insects!

* All top quality material we use are a PVC coated woven yarn open mesh.

* Direct manufacturer, sharp pricing is the answer!

* Outstanding for trail rides, nothing sticks to it!

* Excellent for fetlock protection!

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