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Prevention of Hock Problems

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We know that hock problems are conditions caused by injury during; transportation or kicking trailers. Therefore, came up with a solution for that: making hock boots for horses meant to protect your horses from injuries resulting from hitting blunt objects, among other things. We always know that it is better to prevent something than to cure it;

therefore, it is always essential to ensure that you routinely put your horses in protection hock boots for horses. The hock condition is always very complicated to treat because there is nothing to hold on to, but our hock boots will do an outstanding job of preventing the infection. When it comes to attachment, they are straightforward to attach to your horse because you just wrap it around and attach the elastic loop tight to the hook. Why choose our fantastic product:

  • Does not sag down.

  • Fit most horses.

  • 100% works.

  • 100% stay on.

  • Soft.

  • Long-lasting lining.

So what are you waiting for protect your horse from hock injuries by visiting our website at and getting them a relatively friendly price?

Benefits of hock wraps

But first, let’s understand the term hock. This is a condition where a horse’s hock smell due to stress, irritation, or an injury. The problem does not affect the normal working condition of the horse, especially the racing ones, as they run across the tracks. But at, we have a cure for the problem by providing you with hock wraps for horses that helps to reduce swelling after an injury. The hock wraps that are available in our store are made from a natural, breathable material, allowing free circulation of air and other materials that are proven safe for horses. The hock wraps are made loose at the wound to give enough room for the harm to cure without putting too much pressure on the wound. This method of healing the wound part has been proven to be more effective than the traditional habit slower method. The hock wraps for horses offer consistent coverage and compression rather than elastic bandages that are less effective. So, whenever choosing the right hock wraps for your horse, always select from our trusted and quality products. Why choose myhorsespecialty:

  • 100% guaranteed performance.

  • Quality.

  • Affordable.

  • Available in different colors and sizes

  • Long-lasting.

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