HockSmile Popular

Updated: Mar 14

"HockSmile Popular" finally arrived!


Does that mean the quality is baloney? Absolutely NOT!

We guarantee our products & Customer service!

The circle cushion make Sassari HockSmile"Popular" an exceptional, impressive, ridiculous simple successive forward article!

* REMEMBER...........................IT IS ABOUT THE HOCK and NOT the front!

* NO need to be closed in the front, in fact better NOT!

* Guaranteed does not sag down as long as YOU follow up the instructions, it's like your jeans if you forget to close the zipper, button it up, and close your belt, your jeans will sag down, right!

That's how simple it is!

Available in the following colors:

* Red

* Royal Blue

* Bordeaux

* Teal

* Fuchsia

* Purple

One size fits all horse from 14H up to 18H

included Draft Horses. (Size medium) combined with a reflective stripe.

Sizes available are

* Medium

* Small

Size small for pony donkey, pony and similar size horses.

The front maybe open or closed or overlapping each other, it's about the hock and NOT the front!!

Available at:



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