Dog Hock Socks Ultimate

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The dog skeleton is made up of 319 bones, which is about 100 bones more than we humans have, the canine has a much smaller body.

Most dogs have the same amount of bones, small or big dogs, there is considerable variation in the size and shape of individual bones, as the result of the breed of the dog.

When 2 bones meet each other is called a joint or articulation. In some joints there is a cushioning pad of cartilage interposed between the bones.

Talking about "cushioning pad" which is not only natural created, we might help mother nature a little more by providing a super soft and persuasive extra padding on the outside from the dog hock. Even tough most of the physical issues that might come from the inside it sure is not a luxury to prevent wound issues, we all know how incredible thin the skin is on that particular place.

When the meniscus is damaged it can deteriorate and inflame the joint. When ignoring the issue it might easily lead to arthritis. The ligaments maintain joint position, the tendons, and a tough fibrous capsule surrounding the joint. Stretching of these support structures may cause joint looseness as well laxity.

When the joint capsule ruptures, the bone slips completely out of the position, the dislocation is created!

Even tough it might sound ludicrous, but the skeleton anatomy of humans and dogs has a lot in common, including similar phraseology. However, there are serious differences in the angles, lengths and position of the bones.

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