Do You Make These Mistakes Not Paying Enough Attention To The Essentials?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Achieving your goals is a challenging part of life and often problematic to get it correct without spending an awful lot of money.

So let's sit down for a second and think about the daily life from your equine friend/s and see if we can be a part of their mind set.

To accomplish this, horse and owner must be on the same page, so how can we succeed in that?

But wait a second, I'm not going to spend all my time with my equine friend, I have other things to do, way more important for me than that horse, I like horses and that's it.

Let's take the bull by the horns, you opt becoming a horse owner, which includes all the consequences, you can become a true friend, any other way you approach it, which is nothing else than a horse handler, what can you expect?!

Being a horse handler you have no intention to pay attention to the essentials, consequently you might end up with undesirable situations, unfortunately this happens over and over!

You force a choice, you take the consequences and from now on you do pay more attention to the essentials which will reflect your financial part positive!

Some hints and little-known factors that could affect you positive as a genuine horse owner and not a horse handler!

1. Check your horse environment on a daily basis!

2. Check your horse's his body on a daily basis!

3. Keep the environment clean/safe!

4. Take care of the smallest tiny wounds that might appear!

5. Provide your equine friend/s with a soft bedding if possible!

6. Use a hock and/or fetlock cover to minimize wounds!

7. Do not ever use duct tape ever!

We didn't leave any ingredient out, we guarantee when you approach your decision you made in this way, you will end up with fewer equine issues, more time left over for other things to do!

You build a sincere relationship with your equine friend, a real friend!

Happy time!