Do You Dump Your Beloved Animals?

Yep, I do, I need that pack of cigarettes, that pack of 6 cans of beer, and I'm short on money!

Everything is getting so expensive; I need to cut somewhere. I'm sorry!

Are you really sorry? I don't think so, because if you would, you would try to find another way to take care of it.

It's that animal that nickered at you when it noticed your footsteps coming in their direction.

It's that animal that licks your hand when you hug it because you are sad about something.

It's that animal that starts purring because you picked it up and cuddled it.

Heck, now you think, "What do I care?" They will find another home, or forest, to live in for the rest of their life!

Did you hear that "bang" in the back of your mind, that was the hurt in their hearts? They are broken down for the rest of their lives!

You turn around and buy that can of 6-pack beer, that pack of cigarettes, HMMMM, it doesn't taste as it used to be; what's going on?

You dumped your beloved animals, that's why!

Suddenly, you feel sick in your stomach, and your day ends in one big disaster, that's great!

I'm glad to hear this; you should have thought about it earlier!

It's too late; you broke your heart and their hearts for the rest of your life.

You clean the mess around your house, find some fly leggings from the last year, the cat hammock, and your favorite bandana; you sit down and cry; what did I do!!

You realize what a bully you have been, no nickering, no licks, no purring, it's over!

You sit down again, stick your head in the pillow, and cry for the rest of the day.

You changed your life, no cigarettes, no 6-pack beer anymore, as it tastes terrible. It reminds me of something I did impulsively!

Impulsively, we purchase things we don't need, that's how we often get in trouble financially.

You don't need another pair of shoes, while you have already 12 pairs sitting in the closet, you can live without pair # 13, so to speak! If we learn not to buy impulsively and buy to return, we learn to control our financial status, which can make a huge difference in our bank account!

You suddenly find out you can afford the animals you dumped, and you learned a lesson for life. You learned to face the issue that you were the spender, not your beloved animals you dumped!

To make a long story short, don't be the bully and dump your beloved animals. Instead, sit down and make a list that clearly shows what you need to live, NOT a list of what you want. When doing so, you come to the conclusion that you can afford the beloved animals you dumped!

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