Can't Keep Up? 3 Ways To Simplify Because Leg Wounds Are Not Welcome

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Can't keep up?

I hear you grumble, you have paid already so much on vet bills, and now on top of it another leg wound.

You are desperate!

Leg wounds are at all times disliked and most of them all not always easy to treat, swelling of an injured ligament because the blood vessels become a part of the issue.

Blood vessels do like tiny tubes built up of layers of cells close together.

Swelling can occur in many ways, one of them can be the result of bleeding into the tissue.

Swelling is the most common sign and alarms us as horse owners that something is incorrect!

Minor injuries might not swell much, the ligaments and tendons are surrounded with a thick layer and prevent most swelling, however, how can we be ahead of all those cost makers and unwanted vet bills.

Most horse owners have their horse either in an equine boarding facility or turned out in a pasture boarding place to minimize the cost as low as possible,

Preventive care, is one of the most important aspects but does not guarantee everything, still you can hit those unwanted leg wounds.

What about the following:

1. Checking the pasture property and/or turnout place on a daily basis, most and for all important in the early morning, you never know what type of wild life might have popped up during the night!

2. Checking the horse on a daily basis, go with your hands over the entire body, especially the legs, and be focused for hot spots!

3. Use on a daily basis an anti-inflammatory supplement for extra internal support, it won't hurt!

Do not allow your horse to live their life in a dirty environment, I mean dirty, manure piled up from days, stinking and rotting, barbed wire all over the place, always ask your self the following:

"Would I like to live in a mess like that?" Your answer will be "NO"

In a mean time it's our obligation to point out the Sassari leggings

& more collection we offer and might be a part in your preventive care.

Please contact us for any questions you might have, we are here for you!

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