Benefits of Horse Protection Boots

When it comes to horses, prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is essential to routinely put your horses in protection boots when exercising or racing to protect your horses from injuries resulting from hitting blunt objects, among other possibilities. Below are the benefits of horse protection boots.

They can be used to Provide Health Information

In these modern times, technology is continuously advancing at a fast rate, and manufacturers are finding it necessary to adopt miniaturization. Horse protection boots such as smart boots can be instrumental in providing useful data that can be of importance when diagnosing, monitoring, preventing, and in some exceptional cases, treating an injury.

For example, the Ekico boot has pressure sensors that measure the unevenness of a walk to compare the function of the fetlock at major points of the horse’s stride. In addition, these boots record the temperature on the surface of the limb and can give information in case of hyperthermia.

Maintains Temperature and Pressure

One thing that makes horse protection boots suitable is that they stay put in the area of application, exerting an even and correct tension while eliminating the risk of over-tightening. Most of these boots are designed to give a breathable allowance, so the degree of pressure is essentially not excessive. During an exercise, the temperature can rise due to increased blood pressure exposing your horse to the risk of hyperthermia. Therefore, using vented protection boots can allow air to circulate through the tendons to reduce the temperature.

Protects your Horse

The horse protection boots are made of thicker materials making them more protective as compared to their counterparts, bandages. Horse owners ought to choose protection boots depending on the risks exposed to their horses during exercises or sporting activities. Activities that increase the likelihood of external trauma, such as showjumping, would require you to invest in quality protection bots so that your horse can be protected and comfortable. Moreover, choosing protection boots that are lighter and have low water absorbency is important in ensuring your horse doesn’t feel overloaded. Although the application of horse protection boots may be an improved routine for horse racers, you should first learn about their effects.

Furthermore, with its ability to show jump with the highest stretch of a shift of flexion, the fetlock joint horse too should be kept under fetlock boots to protect them from brushing injuries on the fetlock area.

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