Benefits of Hock Wraps for Horses

Hock is a condition where the horse’s hock swells due to stress, irritation, lying in the wrong way, kicking trailers in case of transportation or from an injury. Hocks are not considered to have dire effects on the horse. They do not affect the working conditions of the horse especially for race horses as they run across tracks. Hock wraps for horses are used to reduce inflammation after a horse is injured. Our hock wraps are made from natural fabrics that are breathable therefore reducing heat and other materials which have been tested and are safe for the horses.

They are fitted slightly above the hock cap and they have a tight fit on this area. These hock wraps are loose around the wound to give room for recovery without putting too much pressure on the wound.

Traditionally, hock wraps for horses were treated by dipping the horse’s leg in a bucket of warm water and Epson salt solution. This method of treatment also known as hydrotherapy can be slower compared to our hock wraps which are designed specifically for the injured area therefore proving to be more effective.

Hock wraps provide consistent coverage and compression compared to elastic bandages which can be less effective when wrapped tightly or loosely around the cap wound.

Durability is a major key when purchasing any product and hock wraps are no different. Our hock wraps can be reused time and again. Once your horse heals, clean and keep the wrap for future use. This is a great investment for your animals.

Animals rely on us to take care of them and this should be a delight to the caretakers or owners. Investing in quality products for your horses is very important.

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