Are You Sure, Canvas Sassari Fly Leggings in the Heat and Humidity?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

MHS & More LLC has created another "WINNER"!

Yep, we are sure, and sure enough to make another point in the industries!

Heat and humidity are not from any influence material wise as...

* Plain-weave canvas is typically made of cotton, which is lightweight and absorbs moisture.

* This property makes it relatively breathable.

* The Sassari leggings are designed with a slope from about 2" to the top, with that said.

The lower horse legs are NEVER tucked in, instead, plenty of room to breathe, to move around and feel relaxed!

* Groups discount!

* All sizes available from mini donkey up to draft horses!

* Custom sizes at NO additional charge!

Visit our website and go from there...

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