A guide on how to use horse hock protectors correctly

Hock protectors for horses can be available in form of laser treat hocks, wraps, and boots. They are essential in treating your horse’s hocks from any type of injury when they are trailering. Hock wraps also help in treating injured tendons in horses by providing support and leg protection. Consequently, they come in handy when dealing with young horses which are struggling to balance their bodies. To offer the best protection to your horse, you have to apply these hock protectors appropriately. Below is a guide on how to do it correctly and avoid injuring your horse’s tendons.

1. Identify the issue behind your horse’s hock sores

Before applying any hock protector on your injured horse, it is important to identify the cause of the injuries. The reason you have to be keen on this step is that your horse's hocks are always against the ground when they are lying down. This makes it difficult to either wrap or apply a hock protector correctly which will make them to keeping moving and flexing. The beddings could be the issue, dry horse skin problem, or joints and hoof issues. Hock sores could also be a side effect to something or even hock shields applied wrongly. Before getting any hock protector, consider your horse’s overall health and environment first, then you can decide on the best hock protector that serves them.

2. Compliment Ointments with a Hock Protector

This not only reduces friction but also ensures the kind of hock protector you chose for your horse fits perfectly or settles on easily. Ointments such as salve also help improve dry skin problems in the applied area. It also helps heal your horse’s wounds quickly. Before and after applying any cream or covering your horse’s hocks with any protector, you need to thoroughly clean the injured part to avoid any contamination which may lead to further infection.

3. Leave the hock protector on as long as possible

Yes, you can leave your horse's hock protector on 24/7. This guarantees them protection at all times from any form of injury. As long as you ensure they are put on correctly and your horse is comfortable in them, they can last on them for the longest time. Hock protectors for horses are designed in a way that your horse can have them on when in the pasture, in pipe corrals, or when stalled.

Fly boots for horses also serve a similar purpose as hock protectors. However, unlike hock protectors which only protect the horse's hocks, they prevent your horse's legs from pests and any form of a leg injury. Consider getting both and help your horse gain comfort.

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