3 Daily management routine for a strong healthy-looking horse

For pro horse owners, daily managing of a horse requires commitment and responsibility. Added efforts are needed for taking care of a horse. Nonetheless, this should not discourage aspiring horse owners. Making the right decisions is worthwhile as it will ensure the safety and health of your horse(s). This is whether you view your horse as a pet, sports companion, or show-off buddy. What are the daily horse care routines? This article will be discussing what you need to be doing to your horse to make it strong healthy and live longer.


Just like any other herbivore, horses munch a lot of grass. Well, this is their natural diet. Most horses love grazing as grass contains low sugar content. This means that you should allow your horse to graze freely during the day if possible. Additionally, you can use grains for more nutrients to the horse’s diet. However, not all horses have a liking for grains. Therefore understand your horse to know if you can introduce grains to its diet. During winter it is likely that your horse won’t be grazing as much. You can use hay instead. It is simply dried cut grass. Having a hay feeder bag would be an advantage to avoid unnecessary hay wastage. You can select quality bags that are durable and will serve your buddy for a long.

You can also select good-quality hay for your horse. Hay should be nutritious and not contain substances like foxtails and other weeds that may be harmful to the horse’s mouth. In addition to feeding, keep your horse hydrated by the considerable supply of water. A horse can use up to 10 gallons of water daily.


Give your horse sufficient time to flex those muscles. Horses love to move around and a daily routine of walking and running will do them good. It will help them in growing strong. If your horse is injured you may want to take it slow, nevertheless don’t leave your horse standing in one position for long. While walking your horse, you can use fly leg wraps for horses. This prevents biting flies, scorpions, and even snakes. Your horse’s health and safety are paramount.


It is mandatory to clean your horse daily especially the hooves area. This will prevent conditions such as thrash and abscess from forming and accumulating in the hooves. These may lead to infections. Furthermore, regular cleaning will make it easy to notice any health changes, injuries, and wounds.

Not at all times, you will know what to do with your horse. If you are starting as a new horse keeper, don’t shy away from asking for help and advice from experienced horse owners. More so you can get information about horse keeping on websites like You will also be able to understand how and when to use products such as fly leg wraps for horses and hay feeder bags.

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