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Sassari Leggings, another stunning and rewarding item providing your equine friend/s considerable comfort. No biting insect on their legs, NO unwanted debris, that all together might irritate your equine friend/s to the point of stomping with their feet, issues with their shoes, ligaments, hooves, and we can go on for more unwanted problems.

Sizes available from mini donkey all the way up to an 18/19 H horse.

Specialized in CPL Draft horse issues!

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Sassari leggings are the ultimate for fetlock protection, trail rides, outstanding to protect the horse legs from biting insects, and much more! PLEASE NOTE: CPL (Chronic Progressive Lymphedema) in mostly draft horses benefit from as little as possible leg hair, clip the legs as much as you can, as you have a better view of what is going on and able to take care of it. Sassari leggings are one of the "MUST" items to protect the wounds from further infection!

Since there is very little blood flow  beneficial would be to walk the horse on a daily base for at least a 20 minutes!

Ventilation, disinfect, and exercise are 2 very important points in all CPL horses!
We offer a top quality material for a budget friendly price tag, quantity discount, custom-made if needed, as long as you are willing to communicate with us.


Please understand, we deal with life object, it's very normal that ANY fly legging might turn because the horse is moving around, does NOT stand for 24/7/365 in one place!

All horse leggings are tapered cut with a 2" difference at the top, inserting a 100% flexible rubber stay to prevent sagging!

100% guaranteed! RETURN POLICY...within 10 days after USPS receiving date.

We do believe in communication, please do so when you have a question.

Size Chart:

Mini 10"---XX Small 11"---X Small 12"---Small 13"---Medium 14"---Large 15"---X Large 16"---XX Large 17"---XXX Large 18"

You need a bigger size than 18", NO problem, please contact us.


When you deduct the 2" you get the circumference fetlock size from your equine friend.

PLEASE NOTE: The circumference of the mini donkey fetlock is about 8" (inches), when you need smaller we will adjust the size!


* Rot & tear resistant!!
* Breathable!
* Lightweight!

* Flexible!

* High tensile strength!

* UV & mildew resistant!

* Weather resistant!

* Abrasion resistant!
* Super fit!
* Competitive pricing!
* All tapered!
* Fast delivery!

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