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NO Rip Horse Hay Bag

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Sassari Hay Bag Dude

Every hay bag we purchased  got ripped apart in seconds, not because he is such a big and strong boy, 17.2 H, but because they are all made so poor and so cheap!

Being an entrepreneur for my entire life and having lots of happy customers,  having all the tools and fabric at our fingertips we simply came with this straight forward idea, to place the straps

ALL AROUND the hay bag.

We solved the problem, NO ripped up hay bag anymore!

(Patent Pending)

Training of Foals
Man with Hay

Horses are stunning animals! You might think they don't talk, they sure do!

Sassari Hay Feeder Bag is perfect as a Hay Slow Feeder, it keeps them busy for a lengthy time! The Horse Feeder Bag offers the following:

* Straps all around the Hay Bag Dude!
* Laundry machine friendly!
* Available in many colors!
* Velcro TM closure at the top!
* Heavy canvas material!
* Top quality mesh material!
* NO Rip Horse Hay Bag Dude!
* Provides a circle hole from about 2.5"!


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