Hunting/Pleasure Dog Leggings


Dog leggings for any type of dog, big or small, pleasure or hunting dog, it doesn't make any difference....BUT
Do we really need this new fashion item on our dogs? The answer will be "YES"
Excellent for an all-purpose protection and/or hock wounds, they always start small, we ignore and the issue gets bigger and bigger to the point it grabs our attention, and it freaks us out! TOO late!


As a direct manufacturer we are able to provide competitive pricing for this item!


The image to the right is a Labrador Demo

Size medium, no lining, YES tapered!

Sassari Reflective Dog Leggings
Sassari Dog Leggings.jpg


Medium tall 8"...front width 8"...hind width 6"
Large tall 10"...front width 10"...hind width 7"
X Large tall 12"...front width 12"...hind width 9"


All width sizes mentioned above are included 2" overlap hook/loop (Velcro)

Many dogs have created the habit to wash their front legs, not only licking the coat but intensively attacking the coat which might create a sore skin which can have many undesirable results.
Important to keep your dog clean, free from unwanted debris on their legs, stickers, ticks and similar insects.


The answers to this are "dog leggings" with plenty of ventilation, lick resistant, 80% UV ray protection, tear resistant, rot resistant, and 100% flexible. Effortless on and off with our industrial hook/loop, secured with a bottom and top strap.

The hind leggings are future with the hock angle for an enjoyable fitting.

All leggings are tapered, front leg and hind leg!


Please NOTE: If above mentioned sizes don't fit your dog, please contact us, we custom-made at NO additional charge!

The following steps need to be taken:

Step 1. Measure the length from all 4 legs or 2 legs, dog standing and resting on 4 legs!

Step 2. Measure the circumferences from the front legs, the top and the bottom, you start 1/2" above the paw!

Step 3. Measure the circumferences from the hind legs, the top and the bottom, you start 1/2" above the paw

Step 4. Measure the length from the leg to the hock, from the hock to "depends on your choice of length"

Step 5. Please forward to, please include your order # and name, and/or when checking out it ask for "Add a Note".

Do NOT add the 2" overlap to it, only the real leg size!

Demo dogs are NOT included!

We love to hear from you!

Make sure your dog is visible at all time!

Hunting/Pleasure Dog Leggings